A reminder that as a church community we will be reading the book of Acts over the coming weeks.

For the past few years we have read one of the Gospels over the summer weeks, this year we will be doing something a little different. If the Gospels are the story of the life of Jesus then Acts is the story of the life and growth of the Early Church. It is an exciting, fast moving and encouraging book to read. There is love and violence, a shipwreck, miracles, the start of the church amongst non-Jews and amazing growth.

There are a number of ways of joining in. The first way is to read the story by yourself day by day. You will find the reading plan on the bookmarks at the back of our church building or on the reading plan you can find here.

We are grateful to the Bible Society for once again giving us permission to use their recording of the New Testament which was performed by the Riding Lights Theatre Company. You can access this in a number of ways.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or the Android equivalent you can listen to the Podcast. Simply open your Podcast app and use the following link: – each day a new podcast will be downloaded with the reading for that day.

You can access and listen to the reading through our Facebook page. Anyone can access this page and you DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED WITH FACEBOOK to see it. Simply go to: – the readings will be linked to early every morning.

You can access and listen to the readings through our website. Go to and click on the link for that days reading.

We also have USB sticks available (for a donation of £2.50) with all the audio MP3 files on. Just let Janet know you want one.

This year I won’t be doing a daily video podcast. I may do the occasional one or perhaps the occasional blog post when there is something particular I feel is worth commenting on.

Each Sunday, starting from July the 26th, as we have done in past years, there will be the opportunity to discuss the passages for the past week during our morning worship service. Which reading has had the most impact & why? What challenged you, including anything that you didn’t understand or troubled you? What do you now know that you didn’t before?


My hope and prayer is that as we read God’s word together we will Together Grow in Worship Love and Witness.