Wonderful God,
You are full of grace and love,
faithfulness and forgiveness,
mercy and kindness.
Your love overwhelms us,
silence to reflect upon Gods love.
While we were far of, your love pursued us.
While we were strangers, your love pursued us.
While we were lost, your love pursued us.
While we were broken, your love pursued us.

As we thank you for Jesus we are both humbled and stunned by His love for us

Living a perfect life,
Heading to the cross
Dying for us
Defeating death
Rising again
Jesus you alone
Paid the price for our sin
Restored us
Offered us freedom
Called us by name
Adopted us into your family
Flooded our lives with hope.
Lord thank you for the greatest news of all
Christ has come
Sin is dealt with
Forgiveness is poured out
Peace is here
Love is flowing
Hope is rising

We thank you Lord,
That the call is to anyone.
God loves the one.

No matter how high they are soaring or far they are falling.
No matter whether things are together or falling apart.
No matter who the past or present you God call us to a new future.

Lord, we pray for the church in the UK,
You have charged us to share Good news,
Live good news news
Be good news to make disciples in Jesus name.

Forgive us when we have complicated the message.
Forgive us when we have grown complacent forgive us when we apathy and fear have dulled our passion.
Fill us again with a flame of confidence A Spirit inspired boldness A love soaked creativity A passion for the one who is lost.

Renew your church
Send your Spirit
Move us to pray and act
That every person in the UK might hear the good news of Jesus and have a chance to encounter the presence of a Holy and loving God.

Move us to action
That a new season of confidence may flood your church and bring healing and hope to our nations.
Come Holy Spirit
In Jesus name

This prayer is from The Evangelical Alliance for the week of prayer Thy Kingdom Come

It was great to have seventeen joining together in prayer yesterday morning, thank you Janet for leading us. Don’t forget the opportunity to join with others from St Paul’s in praying through this week. We will be meeting at the following times to pray, each session will be led by a different person from our church community:

  • Tuesday 10th May 7pm
  • Wednesday 11th May 9am
  • Thursday 12th May 7pm
  • Friday 13th May 7pm
  • Saturday 14th May Prayer Breakfast 9am