When was the last time that we heard the wind of your Spirit roar through this place? When was the last time your fire lit up this room? When was the last time we took you at your word and met together in expectation of your Spirit filling this place and these lives with your Glory and Power? Lord, you challenge us with Pentecost. Do we believe that this was a once in eternity experience never to be repeated? That the Holy Spirit was poured out on your followers for a single purpose and ended His work at that instant? If so, then maybe that is why the Church seems so powerless in this age helpless when faced with the needs both spiritual and physical that we see in the world. Lord, as we meet together and celebrate once again the memory of that first Pentecost may it be for us as it was then a moment of empowerment an awareness of your Glory in this dark world a life changing experience. In and through you Holy Spirit. Amen.