There’s such power in praying for our friends who don’t yet know Jesus. Not just doing it once in a while, or when we feel like it, but doing it regularly – persevering with discipline, and with joy.

There was a great preacher called D.L. Moody who had a hundred friends who didn’t know Jesus. He prayed for them every day – and when one of them became a Christian, he’d just tick their name off the list.

By the time he died, 96 of those hundred had given their lives to Jesus. And at his funeral, the final four also became Christians.

D.L. Moody certainly set the bar high with his hundred friends. But just imagine if every Christian in the country prayed for just five of their friends who don’t yet know Jesus.

As part of Thy Kingdom Come, we’re encouraging every Christian to pray for five of their friends in just this way – because we long to see more people in our nation know the good news of Jesus Christ.

Continue to pray today for the five friends you thought of yesterday, maybe using one of the ideas in yesterday’s post/email.

Don’t forget the opportunity to join with others from St Paul’s in praying through this week. We will be meeting at the following times to pray, each session will be led by a different person from our church community:

  • Monday 9th May 9am
  • Tuesday 10th May 7pm
  • Wednesday 11th May 9am
  • Thursday 12th May 7pm
  • Friday 13th May 7pm
  • Saturday 14th May Prayer Breakfast 9am

Come once – come every day, praying with others for our community and nation.