The Archbishop of Canterbury was interviewed by Premier Christian Radio about Thy Kingdom Come.

Speaking about the need for everyone to invest in sharing their faith, he said: “Any church that leaves things to the ‘professionals’ is committing missionary suicide basically.”

“The responsibility of demonstrating in word and works the love of Jesus Christ, in a way that is deeply attractive is the responsibility of every single Christian. Always. Everywhere.”

He also said: “What draws people in, above all, is community. It’s the fact that they belong. They discover they belong, they’re part of the family of Christ, they’re children of God. They are loved by others, they are accepted, they’re welcomed,” he said. “You can have the biggest, liveliest service in the world but some churches in the States are finding they need to relearn how you build community.”

Pray today for the growth of Christian community, in and around your own home, through your small group, through Encompass, through Under 5s and the Tea Service, and in our church as a whole.

Come and join with others from St Paul’s in praying. We will be meeting at the following times to pray, each session will be led by a different person from our church community:

  • Friday 13th May 7pm
  • Saturday 14th May Prayer Breakfast 9am