The Harvest is Plentiful

A few weeks ago I shared some encouraging information about our growth as a church community and how this had been recognised by our Diocese.

  • Our Remembrance Day service has grown over the years to the extent that we now have to hold it outside to fit everyone in.
  • Over December we will welcome over 1500 people through our church building for special Christmas services.
  • Never in my life before have I been in a church that has had to turn people away because they could’t fit them in – but this has happened three times at St Paul’s in the past few years.
  • In a recent survey at our Tea Service we asked the question: “Would you be interested in meeting in an informal group setting to talk about the Christian Faith?” Out of 26 responses 18 said either Yes or Maybe.
  • Encompass has grown and developed and this Autumn will start meeting twice a month
  • This Autumn the Tea Service will start happing twice a month

It is an exciting time to be part of St Paul’s! But it is also a challenging time:

But the Workers are Few

A common theme amongst church leaders is that there are never enough people to support the mission opportunities that the church has! We have many, many opportunities to continue to draw people to faith in Jesus and as a result grow as a church community.

If the opportunities are there, but the people to lead and help aren’t what’s the answer? Jesus gives us the answer:

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out Workers into his Harvest Field.

Will you join me in doing just that, praying regularly, daily, for God to raise up workers in the harvest that is all around us?

In particular will you pray for two things:

  • For a couple with young children to catch the vision of our work with families and join our core leadership of First Steps
  • For someone to catch the vision of Open The Book and start to work alongside Penny & Mike in this amazing mission opportunity

How can you remember to pray? Very simply set your phone or fitness band to vibrate at 10:02am every day and pray for God to send workers into his harvest field. Why 10:02am – because that is the reference for the verse quoted above: Luke 10:2

If each of us will commit to doing this simple thing for the next year I believe we could see amazing growth in God’s community of faith in Sarisbury Green. Will you join me?