We had a great workshop on Monday evening led by Ben Mizen on Generations and how they affect the life of the church. Below is a link to the audio of the session (quite long) and also some of the videos we watched and questions we looked at.

Listen online:

Silent Generation:


Baby Boomers:


Generation X


Generation Y


And the questions we considered:


  • What were your first experiences of church like?
  • What orthodoxies (attitudes, mindsets, preferences) do you have towards the church and church ministry as a result?
  • What is the biggest change you have seen with Generation X or Y?
  • How could this help your church engage with the younger generations more effectively?

Shared vocabulary:

  • How does my generation prefer to worship?
  • What does my generation add/contribute to church?
  • Take an opportunity to talk from one generation to another and explain the things you don’t understand or find difficult about their approach. Keep the conversations about generations in general, and not about individuals.
  • What further examples can you identify in your church context? (E.g. communication preferences, use of social media, leadership styles, etc.)

Making changes:

  • In what other ways can generational theory help you to identify areas for improvement in your church?
  • Think about how you prefer to do things in church, and how you prefer others to contribute to church leadership and minstry. With this in mind, how can you get the most out of members of your congregation? And how can they get the best out of you?
  • What could you do differently in order to communicate and connect with people from different generations more effectively?
  • How do we create a church for everyone?