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General updates on what’s happening at St Paul’s

Deanery Pilgrimage Sunday 25th June

by Sandy Matheson

On the afternoon of Sunday the 25th June there will be a Deanery Pilgrimage where christians from many of the churches in the Fareham Deanery will walk, cycle or drive from their home areas to congregate at Titchfield Abbey. The primary aim is to discover more of, and reflect on, our local spiritual heritage and […]

Can the Bible help us make a decision?

by Sandy Matheson

Welcome to 2017! I love a prayer that I have heard a number of times from another church leader at the start of a new day. He will regularly pray “Thank you God for the gift of this new day, fresh off the shelf of heaven. A new day that has never existed before and […]

When will they come to proper church?

by Sandy Matheson

When will they come to proper church? Phrased in different ways that is a question that perpetuates. I’ve heard it at St Paul’s and in other settings. It is an important question to answer, but, for some, the answer may not be the one you expect! At the root of this question is normally an […]

Christianity Lite?

by Sandy Matheson

How many times have you heard someone say ‘I can be a Christian without going to church.’ I also come across the belief that you can be a Christian without being a Disciple. Is there a difference between a Christian and a Disciple? And what about the Church, who is part of it, and who […]

Watch and Listen to New Wine Live

by Sandy Matheson

Like to be at New Wine but couldn’t get there? You can watch and listen online to live broadcasts through this week. New Wine Radio broadcasts from about 7am to 10pm and broadcasts the main morning (9.15am) and evening (7pm) sessions and also seminars each morning (11.15am) & afternoon (2.30pm and 4pm). You can listen online […]

Harvesters For The Harvest Field

by Sandy Matheson

The Harvest is Plentiful A few weeks ago I shared some encouraging information about our growth as a church community and how this had been recognised by our Diocese. Our Remembrance Day service has grown over the years to the extent that we now have to hold it outside to fit everyone in. Over December […]

Rev Colin Chambers talks about Nelson Mandella

by Sandy Matheson

Reverend Colin Chambers met Nelson Mandela in 1977 and spent 8 years as his pastor, confidante and friend in the notorius Robben Island prison, where Mandela spent eighteen years of his twenty-seven year incarceration. Today he talked to our Encompass lunchtime group about his experiences with Nelson Mandella on Robben Island. Listen to his talk:

Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

by Sandy Matheson

When was the last time that we heard the wind of your Spirit roar through this place? When was the last time your fire lit up this room? When was the last time we took you at your word and met together in expectation of your Spirit filling this place and these lives with your […]

Thy Kingdom Come – Saturday – Prayer Walking

by Sandy Matheson

Prayer walking is as simple as it sounds – praying as you walk. When we prayer walk we are stepping into our authority as God’s children to bless people and places in Jesus’ name. This simple task is a great way to bring transformation to your local community by asking God to break in. The […]